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Dark Oak Sectional Garage Door in Gloucestershire

dark oak from side

Dark Oak Sectional Garage Door in Gloucestershire

This stunning dark oak sectional garage door was fitted in a beautiful rural setting in Gloucestershire.  Comprised of individual sections connected together by hinges, the door opens vertically into the garage and with no ‘kick out’ as it moves, enabling you to drive right up to the entrance.  Built with high quality materials, incorporating the latest innovations in manufacturing technology together with a wide choice of options, gives your garage an individual look.

Here the customer has chosen Dark Oak finish, one of six available weather-resistant, top-coated film laminates in authentic, rustic wood effect, with a smooth surface.

The doors are also insulated, which provides both a thermal and acoustic barrier and with the addition of a Novomatic 563 motor, fully automated.

This garage has no other means of entry so an Emergency Release System has been installed (if you look closely you can see a small circle in the centre of the door) so should power fail, the door is still operable.

Installed in a village near Gloucester, GL2

full frontal dark oak 1 dark oak opening






Door Specification:

Motor Specification for Novomatic 563 (800N):

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