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Automated Garage Doors


The convenience of an automated garage door is now a more affordable luxury than ever before.

Our roller and sectional doors are available as manual opening but we find the majority of customers chose to have them automated.

Struggling to lift your existing door? Or just want the luxury?

Many up & over retractable and side hinged garage doors can be automated, we can fit a motor to your door so you can operate by remote control.  We also CE certify to ensure we meet all regulations.

Your garage door motor is not working?

We can replace, repair and service all types of motor regardless of manufacturer.

Which motor do you recommend?

Novoferm are market leaders in innovative German technology for garage door openers.    The whole range consists of soft-open/soft-close motors with an ultra reliable, quiet, one piece belt driven boom which provides a smooth opening with adjustable opening time from 10 to 240 seconds.  They come complete with an integrated shutdown stopping device and electronically monitored push-up safeguard for maximum safety.  The motor also has programmable inside lighting and connectable outside lighting as an optional extra, you can also operate from your smartphone.  The flat operator head can also be turned by 90° or 180° which can save space when slide-in depth is reduced due to, for example, wall construction.

Browse a range of accessories available for your automated garage door

Can I buy extra remote controls?

All motors come with two remote controls, extra handsets are available along with a range of accessories including mini wall mounted push button controllers, key switches and coded keypads.

How do I get into my garage if there is a power failure?

Emergency unlocking kits are available for all motors and automated doors which we supply, these will allow you manual access to the garage should the power fail.

I have no electric to my garage so I assume I can’t have a motor?

We can supply and install a solar panel which, when combined with our battery back-up packs, provide continuous automation for garages without mains electricity.

I’m thinking of some outdoor lighting…

To really enhance the look of your new garage door our LED lighting kit provides weather protected exterior lighting which is installed under the garage lintel.  The lighting can be switched on/off independently of garage door function and look simply stunning.

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