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Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors, roller shutters, electric doors, automated doors; this style goes by many names and is fast becoming the most popular style of door in the UK.

All our roller doors come fully automated with two remote control handsets.  The great benefit of roller doors is that they give you complete drive up convenience with no ‘kick out’ and roll neatly into a hood above the opening, no need for tracks inside the garage.

Looking to gain extra drive through height or width?

The greatest benefit of the roller door is that they provide maximum drive through height and width, gaining up to 150mm in width when replacing a conventional door and frame.

Use your garage as a workspace of have living space above it?

All roller doors we recommend are insulated, meaning they help decrease heat loss and noise, perfect if you use your garage as a gym or workshop or have a living space above.

What colours are available?

There are over 20 colours, including wood effect, in the popular painted range and even more available in the laminated range, download a brochure to find out more. Below is a selection of doors installed.


Are they safe?

All our roller doors are made in compliance with ISO9001 quality standards.  For greater security they have enclosed side runners, a unique ‘AutoLock’ self locking feature and rolling code technology helps prevent criminal ‘code grabbing’.  All doors can be switched to manual operation in the event of a power cut and we can add emergency opening system if needed, essential if you have no other way of entering the garage.

A leading edge safety sensor is included which will stop the door and reverse it back open should it sense something in its path.

They also come with an alarm as standard.

What headroom do I need for a roller door?

The Standard 77 doors have a 300mm box/hood and the Compact 55 come with a 210mm box/hood.  Ideally you will have this headroom, if not you may still be able to have a roller door, either by having some of the box/hood coming into the opening or an alternative is to consider an external fit.  We will check any measurements and go through this with you at point of survey.

External Fit Roller Doors

Can I have a wireless key pad?  Additional remote controls?

We supply a range of accessories such as additional remote controls, wireless key pad, push button operation and key operated switch.  You can also programme the doors into the same remote control as a gate system and you can enjoy smart home control (additional purchase required).

Can I have windows in a roller door?

Yes, the name for this is ‘vision lath’.

What’s the warranty on your automated roller garage doors?

All our roller doors come with a five year manufacturer warranty.   We also supply a twelve month fitting warranty on all our doors.

Cheap roller doors

The last couple of years has seen many companies begin manufacturing roller doors for the residential market and at incredibly competitive rates.  Whilst we appreciate we all want to find the best price for a new purchase we recommend you do your research on roller doors and know what you are buying.

We urge potential customers to ask other companies about the length of warranty they provide and what is included, the aftercare service should there be a problem and what safety edge system is being used.

All automated roller doors in the UK must have a leading edge safety sensor to be CE compliant.  An infrared beam can be added to the door in addition to the sensor but on its own it is not CE compliant.

For more information on safety of roller garage doors visit the Door & Hardware Federation.

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