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Side Hinged Garage Doors

pair of gemini side hinged

Side hinged garage doors are incredibly popular for those who prefer pedestrian access to their garage or maybe don’t have the head room available for another type of door.

Depending on your choice of design, both a 50/50 split and 70/30 are available.  They come right hand opening as standard but left hand opening is available as an option.

The 70/30 doors were designed to manoeuvre a standard size lawn mower through the smaller door, also idea for bikes and mobility scooters!

Can my side hinged garage door be automated?

Yes! We can automate most 50/50 side hinged doors.

How secure are side hinged garage doors?

All our side hinged doors come with centre overlap to help prevent forced entry, four pairs of dog bolt security hinges and a high security euro profile mortice lock.  They also come with door stays so the door can’t be blown closed once open.

What material are side hinged doors made out of?

Side hinged doors are available in Steel, Timber and ABS from Cardale and GRP from the Corporate Door Company.

Below is a selection of the doors available, for the full range download the relevant brochure or send us your details and we will send you a copy in the post.

Side Hinged Garage Doors in Premium Grade Galvanised Steel

  • 14 designs
  • Fully finished in a choice of 24 colours

Also available in Rosewood or Golden Oak Woodgrain

ABS Side Hinged Garage Doors

  • 4 designs

Available in white, glazing options available

Timber Side Hinged Garage Doors – Futura & Heritage Range

  • 13 designs
  • Base coat stain or your choice of 6 fully finished stain options

GRP Composite Side Hinged Doors from the Corporate Door Company

  • 4 designs
  • 18 colours

Do you sell insulated side hinged garage doors?

Yes! A new product from Novoferm is the DuoPort Side Hinged door.  Made from the same insulated material as their sectional doors, the DuoPort provides high insulation values and a wide variety of finishes and additional fittings to keep your garage door in style with your house.

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