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Side Hinged Garage Door in Southmoor, Oxfordshire

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Side Hinged Garage Door in Southmoor, Oxfordshire

The side hinged garage door range is increasingly popular with customers who prefer pedestrian access to their garage without having to open the whole door.  However, side hinged doors can be expensive with manufacturer retail prices ranging from over £1000 to as much as £5000 for the insulated side hinged range.

To provide our customers with a cost effective solution, we have teamed up with Cardale to offer two steel designs from £790 fitted*, a choice of the Gemini (shown here) and the Georgian Regent.

To keep to this price you need to order a ‘standard size door’ which is 2134mm wide x 1981 or 2134mm high (plus frame) or, in old money, 7’0 wide x 6’6 or 7’0 high.  When you start getting into made to measure sizes, or change material from say steel to timber or GRP then the price starts to climb.

Whilst we call this size ‘standard’ it is surprising how many garages aren’t ‘standard’ size which is what we have here, an opening which is wider than the standard 2134mm door.

So to keep the door a standard size (and the cost down) we packed the opening with timber and cladded either side.  The cost of the additional timber and cladding comes to less than a made to measure size door.  And to look at the opening, you would have no idea.

If you would like to know more about our side hinged range, or to receive a free quotation, simply give us a call to arrange an on-site survey. If we can save you money on your new door, then we will.

Side Hinged Garage Door Specification:

Gemini’ Design built by Cardale


Installed in Southmoor, Oxfordshire, OX13

*Price correct as of October 2016.  All prices are subject to survey.
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